Брой 1/2024

Очаквайте през м. Март 2024 г. новият бр. 1 за 2024 година

Call for papers International Journal of Informatics and Innovative Technologies (JIIT). ISSN 2683-0930 (Online). Deadline February 28, 2024.

Scientific journal – Call for papers: Volume VI, Number 1, 2024, ISSN 2683-0930 (Online). You may register as an author and submit your article for the next issue of the journal at: https://journal.iiit.bg (contacts: tripleit.journal@gmail.com) The JIIT is a Quarterly Open Access Journal of Informatics and Innovative Technologies a specialized scientific and technical publication, presenting original results from research, engineering and applications in the field of innovative technologies, Informatics, Computer engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Neural networks, Robotics, Data analysis, Big data, Blockchain, Synthesis, modeling and management of industrial, energy and ecological systems, Industrial automation, Cyber-physical systems, Monitoring, diagnostics and design of intelligent systems and technologies in the agricultural and food industry and environmental protection. The journal aims to establish a bridge between science, education and business on the problems in the above areas, but not to be limited only to them.