The Transformation of Photography by Artificial Intelligence Generative AI Technology

Hachik Yazadzhiyan

pages: 27 – 33


With the development of technology, the art form of artificial intelligence generative AI technology, created through code, has become a new form of artistic creation. The advancement of computer technology has expanded the creative dimensions of AI generative technology from twodimensional to three dimensional, and further enabled effective cross-fusion with various artistic media. This not only brings new modes of artistic expression for creators but also offers a fresh experience for viewers. This paper analyzes the application of AI generative AI technology in imagebased artistic creation, elucidates the contemporary value of photographic art’s essential language, discusses the impact of intervention by new imaging
techniques on photographic art, and further explores the potential development of photographic art in the era of artificial intelligence.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Photography; Generative Art; Image Creation


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